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Code Avenue is the best company in the field when it comes to delivering high-quality game development services that help bring your creative ideas to real life. By using bespoke alternatives, we turn notions into alluring games with the highest quality for both iOS and Android platforms. Trust us to produce newfangled and user-friendly gaming experiences that differ from others in the market.

Our Game Development Services

Our full range of game development services ensures that your concept becomes a fully-fledged and captivating game.

Game Design

Our professionals create visually stunning game interfaces and user experiences, which are at the same time engaging and intuitive. We conduct extensive research to understand who your targeted audience is and their preferences, making sure they have an unforgettable gaming experience with us.


We are experienced developers who transform mere thoughts into robust interactive computer games. We assure you of our unceasing effort to provide seamless user experience across all platforms by employing cutting-edge technologies. For example, if one is interested in iOS or Android game development, our team will be always ready to render assistance.

Quality Assurance

Before its launching, we ensure every component of the video game undergoes meticulous checking thereby bringing forth nothing but excellent results. Our SQA engineers perform comprehensive testing on multiple aspects of a video game before it goes live to identify and fix any flaws found before the launch.

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Go Gaming with Code-Avenue Game Development Services

Our certified experts are available around the clock, providing unwavering support for all your iOS game development and Android game development needs. They take you through every step of the game design process with their deep knowledge and make your project move smoothly and proceed at its maximum efficiency. Our game development company is focused on making distinctive, top quality games that are ahead of others in the market.

At Code Avenue we pride ourselves on being customer centric and committed to excellence. Our team will help you develop games that will interest users and keep them coming back for more whether it is iOS or Android you would like to target, thus ensuring your success in this gaming venture.

Game Development Process

Our hybrid development process ensures a well-developed and successful timely delivered project.


The strategic approach we take when designing your game aims at meeting business objectives while surpassing the expectations of players as well. This plan will include how your product will find success in the market by looking at trends and user needs. In terms of iOS game development and Android game development, we have mastered our proficiency to make games appeal to your target audience.


We have developers who tackle every single aspect pertaining to the generation of a video game ranging from coding to incorporation. With all latest technologies included in your product, it will always operate at its best.


Our graphic designers combine beauty and functionality in their work, creating interfaces that are both attractive and intuitive. We concentrate on making products with zero-design-flaw experience from beginning to end.

Quality assurance

In the final stages of our video games’ creation, we implement very serious testing measures so that nothing goes wrong during its use. We carefully examine for any issues which might undermine perfect operation of your media before its delivery is made.

Reinforce Your Industry with Cross-platform Solutions

Elevate your industry presence with our versatile cross-platform solutions

Action Games

Intensify exhilaration with high-speed action games that keep players engaged and thrilled.

Puzzle Games

Get them thinking with mind bending puzzle games that are fun and challenging.

Educational Games

Educate while entertaining through educational games which make learning enjoyable.

Simulation Games

Create highly engaging realistic simulation games you can be sure about.

Sports Games

Play sports on smartphones using our pro-made sports games.

Adventure Games

Intriguing adventure games featuring rich storylines and gameplay mechanics that transport one to imaginative worlds.

Our Technological Expertise



Why Hire Game Developers From Code Avenue?

With Code Avenue, you will be joining a group of experienced professionals who have dedicated themselves to bringing your game vision to life. Our developers are inspired by creativity and collaboration, which ensures the timely and successful delivery of the projects. We always get good results through user-centric and impactful game development efforts.


Our reputation comes from excellence, innovation, and impressive results. Below is our eclectic portfolio showing:

Plan & Strategy

A complete mapping of all the features your game should have for it to accomplish its full business requirements.

Rapid Delivery

Ensuring that your game gets into the market on time.

Customer Support All Day Every Day

Getting in touch at any hour when stuck with an issue after launching the game for smooth operations.

Exploring Cutting-Edge Tools & Technologies for Next-Generation Mobile App Development Services

1172 Hours

Average Development Time

07 Months

Average Project Length

1619 Hours

Average Development Time

09 Months

Average Project Length

3116 Hours

Average Development Time

18 Months

Average Project Length

Available on Mobile

Get thrilled anywhere on your mobile phones as we provide several add-ons such as easy navigation, immediate performance, and frequent security updates and feature updates maintenance.


Frequently asked questions

Empower people through technology and innovative solutions
A comprehensive estimate regarding resources and time required can only be given after an elaborate analysis taking into account all business requirements;
The pricing models available are; a fixed time-cost model where there is clear scope and minimal changes in projects, Time & Material costing model which caters to evolving project needs.
Game development necessitates specialized skills. With extensive experience in our squad, we ensure seamless development process resulting in highly interactive games that respond to users’ input
Our SQA team performs a variety of tests including initial design, unit, and system testing to ensure the overall robustness before deploying.
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